Dr Parmenter was appointed in 2015 to the role of CEO, Sonic Clinical Services (SCS) which is the primary care division of Sonic Healthcare, bringing together a range of businesses that provide national healthcare services and solutions.

SCS is Australia’s largest private provider of primary care services. The SCS group of businesses includes premium trusted brands such as IPN Medical Centres, Sonic HealthPlus (occupational and remote health services), Australian Locum Medical Service (after hours mobile GPs) and Australian Skin Cancer Clinics. Other SCS businesses include Lifescreen Australia (community and home nursing services), Pretium (clinical trials and coordinated care programs) and Sonic Clinical Trials (central laboratory services). Most recently, SmartHealth, with its novel health technologies has joined the group.  

From 2006, Dr Parmenter was the CEO of Independent Practitioner Network Limited (IPN), an ASX listed company operating network of medical centres. Dr Parmenter continued as CEO of IPN after it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Sonic Healthcare Limited in 2008. Through organic growth and acquisition, IPN has grown into the diverse range of businesses that is now Sonic Clinical Services. As an experienced business operator and general practitioner, Dr Parmenter has been able to ensure a balance between the commercial needs of the IPN business, and the clinical imperatives of General Practitioners working in our centres.

Prior to being appointed CEO of IPN, Dr Parmenter consulted from The Mosman Practice in Sydney, NSW, one of IPN’s largest privately billing multidisciplinary practices.