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  • April 2013 CEOs Blog Entry

    Dr Malcolm Parmenter
    Posted by on 09 Apr 2013

    Hello and welcome to the next IPN CEO blog post.

    I wanted to share with you a few notable milestones that our team is focused on delivering.

    IPN’s Commitment to the Environment

    IPN is committed to supporting the environment by means of energy conservation and the use of green, sustainable products and materials where possible across our network. A range of environmentally friendly initiatives are in place focusing on medical centre design and consumable usage.

    All IPN medical centre refurbishments now install LED and Sensor lighting which use 60% less energy and lasts around seven years. We also have a strong preference for and widely use building materials such as ceiling tiles, flooring, laminates and carpets that are certified environmentally friendly.  In addition, all newly built medical centres, like those of Gungahlin, Bendigo, Shellharbour and Glendale, have been designed to optimise thermal and energy efficiency according to the new Environmentally Friendly Australian Building Codes.

    When it comes to day-to-day consumables, IPN has introduced technology such as secure electronic messaging to reduce paper usage, and now only purchases biodegradable cleaning products for use in our Medical Centres and Offices.

    During 2012, IPN’s Recycling Program diverted waste from Australian landfill avoiding the release of 356 tonnes of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. 

    These initiatives are clearly a strong start towards a greener future. However it will take some time for them to work their way through the entire Network. There are clearly things that you can do at your centre to help. For example, making sure there is a system in place to turn off the lights and air conditioning at the end of the day will go a long way towards reducing carbon emissions.

    GP Registrar Supervisor Ambassador Club

    There are approximately 2,500 GP Registrars currently in the GP Training Program in Australia, with this number set to increase to around 4,500 by 2014. This will inevitably place a large strain on the availability of accredited registrar positions across Australia.

    As a result, IPN has identified the need to encourage more IPN GPs to become involved as Registrar Supervisors to assist with managing this demand over the next few years.

    IPN Medical Centres offer a great learning environment for Registrars with well-resourced facilities, highly professional and experienced Registrar Supervisors as well as a great breadth of patient care.

    Therefore, IPN has just launched the ‘GP Registrar Supervisor Ambassador Club’ in recognition of the important value IPN places on the role of GP Registrar Supervisors in our network. Membership provides a range of benefits to support ongoing professional development as well as to say ‘thank you’ to these amazing GPs.

    GP Education Program 2013

    2013 marks the final year in the current RACGP Triennium for GPs aiming to complete their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

    IPN places great value on the importance of ongoing GP education and professional development for doctors within our network.  We will be sponsoring and attending major GP Conferences during 2013 including GP13 in Darwin and GPCEs in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. IPN has also partnered with Australian Doctor and our Sonic  Pathology practices in each State to sponsor six specific GP educational modules throughout the year, Australia wide.

    Already, the Mental Health Module in March has seen great success, with hundreds of GPs from each major state in Australia attending to learn from carefully selected specialists. Other Modules to come will cover topics such as Diabetes, Dermatology, Paediatrics, Internal Medicine and Women’s Health. Whilst all GPs can attend these conferences, IPN offers significant discounts to Doctors working with IPN to attend and further their professional development.

    2013 IPN/RACGP Research Grant

    IPN, in conjunction with The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), is pleased to offer the 2013 Research Grant for practicing GPs, aimed at fostering innovation in the delivery of Chronic Disease Management in the General Practice setting. The successful applicant will be awarded $20,000 to carry out the research.

    An application form for this great opportunity can be found on the RACGP website Applications close 6th May 2013.

    IPN’s Philanthropy

    Over several years, IPN, along with its sister businesses at Sonic Healthcare, has supported the amazing charity work of HEAL Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    HEAL Africa partners proactively with communities to transform the status of women and bring village life back into balance in Africa. Through its full-service training hospital in Goma and its community-based initiatives in public health, community development and conflict resolution, Heal Africa works with individuals and communities in Africa to restore health, build hope and help create a better future for all people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    This is a worthwhile cause that you will have the opportunity to be involved in. Thank you for your assistance.

    IPN is set for a very big year in 2013 and the above are a few of the projects currently underway. At our core we remain committed to caring for and retaining our GPs, Staff and Patients and I thank you for being a part of the group.

    For those of you who are not yet a part of IPN, I would ask you to consider this. IPN is the preferred partner of more than 1,650 doctors across Australia who enjoy what we offer This includes flexibility, clinical sovereignty and professional practice management allowing them to focus on patient care. Why not consider joining us.

    Kind regards

    Dr Malcolm Parmenter
    Independent Practitioner Network